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Barcelona Modernism Menu Workshop

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Precio: 70.00€ 63.00€

Horario: 17-20h

Fecha del curso: 21/06/2019

Impartido por: Angela da Toma

Lugar: Cookiteca Passeig de Gràcia

OFERTA: 10% de descuento

Cantidad a añadir


New & unique in town! Gaudi’s time gastronomy.

Cook with our chef the traditional catalan recipes date in lates 1900th,  with a contextual introduction by the chef,

with great company and a glass of wine, in our new venue in Passeig de Grà cia.


* Rice with cod

* Chickpea “a la catalana”

* ”Fricandó” (meat recipe)

*"Modernistes“ (the tradicional aniseed cakes)

datos taller

Arroz bacalao garbanzos catalana.[1] fricando modernistes


A charming location in the heart of Barcelona

Come and cook in Cookiteca, in a 1913 modernist building in the heard of Eixample, near Gaudi's Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.

Take a tour and see the most famous modernism building!

Mapa passeig def

 Complementary activities in Passeig de Grà cia:

-Barcelona offers to visitors Food Markets, all them full of fresh local products to select with our chef,

 performing then a real Spanish Menu at our kitchen.

-Guided tour Modernism Buildings

 We are near one of the oldest town food market: La Concepció Market. Ask us for a shopping tour before the class!


MORE INFO: info@cookiteca.com   

Tl. + 34 93 8082143 

-If you are looking for other dates please contact us

-If you prefer a customized culinary session with a group of friends, family or your company staff, ask for a very exclusive proposal


- Inform us if you have any food restrictions o allergies, we will adapt our recipes to you!

-Price includes: workshop, ingredients, lunch, wine, water, disposable aprons, the recipes and a

  very special gift: the Cookiteca Wooden Spoon 

   Cookiteca cuchara


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